Thursday, 21 July 2016

Preview - The Royal Court of King Marcadius of Praaven.

How did peasants and nobles co-exist in Medieval Society? Martin Boatman is on a mission to confront the social structure of the day - and perhaps have himself declared a mad-man in the process!
Well, the water's bad, the women stink and his scabs just won't go away; it's not like he's got anything to lose!
Some appropriate sayings from the day might have included the following:
'Arbor naturam dat fructibus atque figuram.'  - 'The kind of fruit and its form depend on the tree.' 
Or as I like to put it:
'Ne interficiat animam tuam, ne rex forte provocatus.' -  'Don't piss off the king or he will kill you!"

Yes, it's all fun and games until somebody gets beheaded! (As we all know.)
But let's get things started the right way. Please meet Velsa.

Velsa is not just a serf, she is part of a family of servants looked after (owned) by The Monarchy; her mother works hard as a cook and cleaner at Praaven Castle, and her father is away with the King's Infantry trying to earn his family's way out of perpetual servitude. Velsa doesn't mind life at Praaven Castle too much; things could be a lot worse! However, she has one thing that is highly dangerous for a young girl in her day to possess:


  1. Where did you get the clothing?

    1. All over the internet lol. Took ages to get it all. I made a tutorial on Medieval Play if you're ever interested in having a go.


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